The Sila National Park

The Sila National Park today includes large areas of Sila Grande and Sila Piccola, with three main mountain peaks, Mount Pettinascura, in Sila Grande, Mount Botte Donato and Mount Gariglione in Sila Piccola. The landscape that can be admired from the peaks of the Sila reaches as far as Pollino, Aspromonte and Etna, with the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas on both sides and sometimes as far as the Aeolian islands. At the foot of Mount Botte Donato we find Lorica which is one of the nicest and most organized tourist resorts in the Sila, renamed in the 70s the “Pearl of Sila”.


Lorica is situated on the bank of lake Arvo on a pleasant and well-exposed valley. The lake is surrounded by a wonderful forest of Laricio Pine that in some spots creates a landscape similar to Norwegian fiords extremely suggestive and unusual for the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.

Lorica is situated at an equal distance from the coast of the Ionio Sea and that of the Tirreno Sea which are widely known for the magnificent variety of sites and for the mild Mediterranean climate in every season. Thanks to the winter ski resort, Lorica has become a very important winter resort of southern Italy as far as winter sports are concerned. From the “Cavaliere” station you can reach the top of Botte Donato, from where it is possible to admire a suggestive beauty.

Lorica boasts good sport facilities like two football pitches, tennis courts and mini golf, a hiring service is also available for bicycles and mountain bikes to make excursions around. You can also swim in the crystalline water of the lake or sunbath on the golden seaside. You can also hire a scenic boat cruises service to sail on the lake.